Verizon Smartphone Reviews: Verizon Wireless Cell Phone LG VS700 vs Apple iPhone 4 16GB

Verizon Smartphone Reviews: Verizon Wireless Cell Phone LG VS700 vs Apple iPhone 4 16GB

Verizon Wireless Cell Phone LG VS700 Enlighten Android Phone

VERIZON WIRELESSThe LG VS700 Verizon wireless cell-phone uses Android OS, so you won’t face any problems accessing internet and other advanced services in this phone. It provides all the advanced features that you could get from other similar phones. More importantly, it comes at an affordable price, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money for buying this advance cell phone. The Android phone has a slide-out text keyboard, a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot and advanced connectivity features. It also has a 3 mega-pixels camera, a memory card slot according to the Verizon Smartphone Reviews by users on Amazon. Read more…

Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) – CDMA Verizon

Apple iPhone 4 16GBThe Apple iPhone 4 16GB looks very stylish in black color. The iPhone 4 is very thin, its front and back sides are stronger than other similar phones because it is designed with aluminosilicate glass materials. With its a strong outer cover, it won’t get affected from suddenly falling in the accident time. The retina display feature of this cell phone is another benefit for all your picture enhancement needs and other related stuffs. It is really enjoyable watching HD movies in a 960 x 640 pixel resolution. When it comes to taking pictures, you have a 5 MP camera, which is enough for all your image capturing requirements. Read more…

LG Lucid VS840 4G LTE Verizon Android Smart Phone

LG Lucid VS840The LG Lucid VS840 4G LTE Verizon Android Smart Phone has been serving its users since 2012. The phone runs on Android 2.3, and it comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor. The VS840 has a great storage capacity of 8 GB, and it comes with a 5MP camera. The 480x 800 pixels scratch-resistant screen is enough for all your clearly content viewing requirements. You can easily carry the LG Lucid VS840 phone in your pocket as it is lightweight and compact in size. You can use its Bluetooth feature to transfer files from one user to others. You can easily use its Wi-Fi feature for all your internet browsing, downloading and other internet and social media stuffs. Overall, it is a reliable cell phone, you must use it for all your mobile and internet stuffs. Read more…

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3 thoughts on “Verizon Smartphone Reviews: Verizon Wireless Cell Phone LG VS700 vs Apple iPhone 4 16GB

  1. Avatar for ReviewKid.comPaulM

    Thanks for reviewing these top smartphones such as LG VS700, Apple iPhone 4 16GB, LG Lucid VS840. These Android based smartphones are very popular, most of my friends are using Apple iPhone 4 because it has some impressive features that meet modern mobile operation requirements.

  2. Avatar for ReviewKid.comRonni

    Well, I have LG Lucid 4G VS840 and I’m happy with it. The phone uses a dual-core processor that delivers impressive speed and I can’t complain of processing speed of this phone even you are clicking pictures or watching videos etc.

  3. Avatar for ReviewKid.comMelvin

    Well, there are many advanced smartphones on the market, they are even selling at lower prices having great features. It is just about researching a great phone and reading reviews supplied by other users.

    It is really good thing that you can save your time and money by reading reviews on such products if you are doubtful to it.

    However, I checked reviews of this LG VS700 phone and I found it has gotten positive reviews so it is worth buying as well.

    The important features are:

    3mp camera
    QWERTY keyboard
    MP3 player
    MicroSD card

    And it can connect up to 5 devices through a mobile hotspot.


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